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Around Washington state there are so many beautiful lakes, rivers, and even the ocean close by.  You’d be hard-pressed to find family or friends near Kennewick that doesn’t know someone with a boat to go sailing or swim in the water on a hot summer day.  In fact, so many boats are present in the nearby towns that every boat needs a little something special to set it apart on the water.  Not to fear…Performance Auto Sound in Kennewick  Washington has just the special touch you and your boat need!  Our team of technicians install boat stereo systems, navigation systems, and video systems!

Having a boat stereo system is a wonderful addition to an already fun activity: boating.  Owning a boat is a luxury all its own.  You can take a boat out on the water for a nice day of quiet, peaceful fishing or relaxing .  You can also use the boat for entertaining guests by providing a safe spot for swimming, tubing, water skiing, and wake-boarding.  Having a music system on board only adds to the fun, providing the mood music for summer parties, graduations, birthdays, and small no-reason parties.  However, boats need special types of stereos because they must be waterproof.  At Performance Auto Sound in Kennewick Washington we carry the waterproof speakers you need for salt water, brackish water, and fresh water fun!  Let us help you make your boat a better place to relax this summer.



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A video system on a boat is also a very useful addition to any boat.  Having a video system makes your boat into the perfect dive-in theater, inviting friends and relatives to spend time on the water during the day and continue to spend time on the boat after the sun sets.  A video system also makes for the perfect romantic date.  Nothing screams romance more than a movie on the water with some chocolate-dipped strawberries and champagne.  Also, wouldn’t it be fun to host a scary movie night on the water, perhaps a Jaws marathon?  The possibilities are endless and boats can house huge video screens or pull-down projector screens.  Performance Auto Sound in Kennewick, Washington can provide you with the best video system for your boat, so come on in and discuss your plans with us!

A navigation system is probably the most important installation you can have on your boat.  Most boats come equipped with a navigation system, but sometimes these are outdated or inefficient.  Updating or installing a new navigation system will get you to the perfect fishing spot, best swimming hole, or out of a bind if you get lost.  Having navigation is essential if you plan to travel down rivers or across large lakes.  Performance Auto Sound in Kennewick, Washington can help install your new navigation system in your boat and keep you on track while on the water.



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Our team of professionals can help you decide what the best stereo, video, and navigation system is for your boat.  No boat is too small for our attention to detail and we want you to have the best service while at our store.  We aim to please every customer and we are hear to serve you!  We carry the largest selection of up-to-date electronics and know the ins and outs of each one.  We would love to walk you through each item in our inventory.  Come in today for specialty knowledge and quality time with an expert technician today.


Call us today at Performance Auto Sound in Kennewick, Washington 509-736-3535 to make your vehicle the toast of the town! Our professional team focuses on car and marine audio and accessories for your car, truck or boat. We provide an impressive inventory of boat speakers, boat video systems, boat speaker systems, marine speaker systems, marine video systems, marine audio speakers, and other vehicle services in Kennewick WA, Pasco WA, West Pasco WA, Richland Wye WA, Burbank WA, Finely WA, Richland WA, Grandview WA, Prosser WA, Highland WA.