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Performance Auto Sound in Kennewick 509-736-3535 installs auto audio systems, speakers, and all hardware. Our professional team will make sure your needs are met with perfect customer service.

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Any pedestrian standing on the sidewalk can hear the difference between a good audio sound system and a sub-par audio sound system in any vehicle.  Imagine the difference that having a professional audio sound system in your car or truck will make for you and your passengers in the backseat.  Rock music will sound more deep sound, classical music will sound more clear, country music will have deeper roots, and hip-hop music will consist of more bass if you have the right system in place!  Performance Auto Sound in Kennewick, Washington is here to help you with all your audio sound system needs for your car or truck.  We can work the perfect system into your vehicle.

One question is how you will go about finding the system that is right for your car?  There are different makes, models, sizes, and styles available out there.  You could spend some valuable time online and research all of the compatible systems available, but then how do you know if it will fit your make and model vehicle?  You can easily get flustered just reading through one forum about stereo systems and compatibility.  Never mind looking through magazines or company websites trying to find the information you nee…you are too busy for all that legwork!  What you need is a professional audio sound system expert to help you find the right system for your car, your budget, and your style.  Step into our location in Kennewick, Washington and we can answer all of your questions and make sure your sound system fits the bill for your needs.

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Our team consists of experts in the clarity, dynamic range, frequency response, and tonal balance of each sound system we carry and we will make sure your audio sound system works for your needs!  At Performance Auto Sound in Kennington, Washington, we carry:

  • receivers
  • speaker boxes
  • speakers
  • woofers
  • amplifiers
  • sub-woofers
  • tweeters
  • speaker wire
  • all the needed hardware

If you have a special audio system you want put in place, one that you want to shine in the spotlight, bring your idea to us.  We love to collaborate with car lovers, collectors, and racers.  We would love creating the perfect sound system for your car that you love.  If you want any type of outlandish specialty design, or a discreet in-dash system, we’ll create it with craftsman skills.  We strive for the best customer service in the business and our aim is to make your perfect design a reality!  Make an appointment to sit with our audio specialists…we make dream cars a reality!

Let Performance Auto Sound in Kennewick put your audio troubles to rest.  Once you’ve picked out your perfect sound system, we will carefully install it with the craft and skill that you won’t find at those knock-off locations.  We have the fairest prices, the best customer service around, and the best skill on our team.  Don’t let some inexperienced installer work on your car for a bargain-of-the-barrel price!  The quality you will get with Performance Auto Sound is unprecedented!  We work hard so that you leave completely satisfied that you got the best value stereo system for your vehicle.

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Don’t suffer another moment with an old stereo system.  We can take that scratchy, dull, and pitchy stereo system and replace it with the clear, crisp sound system you’ve always craved to own.  Whether you want the perfectly pitched music for your commute to work everyday, well-rounded bass to handle heavy music in your specialty car on the weekends, or the perfect audio sound for your loved ones daily errands around town, we are the place to get it all!  We have the most complete selection of audio sound systems.  For complete, customized car audio installation, you should call Performance Auto Sound in Kennewick, Washington today!

Performance Auto Sound 509-736-3535 in Kennewick, Washington is the place to get all you electronic auto needs. We carry car car audio, car stereo, stereo, car stereos, car audio accessories, in car audio, car audio and video, car audio speakers and we professionally install them, too! We proudly serve Kennewick WA, Pasco WA, West Pasco WA, Richland Wye WA, Burbank WA, Finely WA, Richland WA, Grandview WA, Prosser WA, Highland WA.